Final Major Project Film: ROLL

2D animation, Animation, Film, Final Major Project, U6_U12

My final major project animation for my Interactive Media and Digital Design BTEC course.


“Draw To Life” CANON Animation

2D animation, Animation, Digital Art, Film, U3_U53

Here is my final 30 second animation for CANON! I used both real life film and hand drawn animation to create this, with roughly 24 frames per second. The programs I used were Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

I was given permission by the artist ‘OMFG’ to use her track in this animation.

“Draw To Life” Animation Storyboard

2D animation, Animation, U3_U53

Here’s my storyboard that I made in my sketchbook for my CANON animation!

SCAN_animation_storyboard_1 SCAN_animation_storyboard_2

Before I started my storyboard, I sorted out my music first (which was 30 seconds long) and listened to it as I created my storyboard so that I’d have a good idea of the timing of each shot.