Final Major Project Peer Evaluation

2D animation, Animation, Evaluation, Final Major Project, U6_U12

I shared my final major project with my classmates and received feedback and criticism on my work. We were told to give two comments on what we liked about each other’s work and two comments about what they could improve on.

My classmate’s two comments on what he thought he liked about my work were:

  1. The character movements were detailed, the drawings were accurate and the shading was spot on.
  2. The backgrounds gave you the sense of being in the actual area. Very professional.

And his two suggestions on what could have been improved on or added were:

  1. The start of the animation could have included some title narration or commentary to give the viewer a heads up on what was about to happen.
  2. The credits could have been broken down and slowed down a little more so that the audience could read who worked on it more clearly. Perhaps could have used a credit scroll?

I think his comments were valid and opened up some possibilities and improvements that I was not aware of before. Reflecting back on it now, the credits did zoom by quite quickly and I probably could have given some more time to focus on them without detracting too much from the main animation. I also thought about the opening too, and quite liked the idea of maybe having a sort of classic silent-film-esque opening title or intro. It could have added quite nicely to the comedic element of the animation, though I also understand that I intended on cutting straight to the action to make the viewer intrigued as to what was happening. I personally preferred to avoid any direct dialogue or communication with the viewer to focus more on what was happening in the scenes themselves, but this different approach to it could have worked out well too.