Final Major Project Film: ROLL

2D animation, Animation, Film, Final Major Project, U6_U12

My final major project animation for my Interactive Media and Digital Design BTEC course.


Final Major Project: Animation Process

2D animation, Animation, Editing, Film, Film Studies, Final Major Project, U6_U12

Using the storyboard as a reference, I started animating my animation in Clip Studio Paint EX. The Japanese drawing program was originally intended to be used for illustration purposes, but released an English version and upgraded the functions to poster design, comic work and most recently Рanimation. Click on the images to read the descriptions.

Once the film was finished, I uploaded it onto YouTube and Vimeo.

Final Major Project Interim Report

2D animation, Animation, Evaluation, Final Major Project, U6_U12


  • Research completed
  • Initial development and character design completed
  • Backgrounds completed
  • Rough animation and key frames completed
  • Animation in progress

I have work extremely hard on this project so far and have completed a number of essential tasks since starting production on April 11th. It’s been very challenging and intensive, but I’ve learnt a lot over the past several weeks and have tried many methods of management and time-keeping. I am slightly concerned about the amount of work I still have left to do, but I believe that if I work hard enough I will be able to finish everything in due time. I have yet polish a couple of research posts and pre-production work, but even so I am still working on schedule and all I need to do now is just push this animation along.