Final Major Project: ‘ROLL’ Visual Development

2D animation, Animation, design, Final Major Project, U6_U12

Visual Moodboard


Character Design





Character animation tests

I animated a couple of quick, rough animations in Clip Studio Paint EX in order to get familiar with the program. I learnt how to add, remove and edit frames and use the timeline to layer animations and adjust the timing of things. The first animation was with a different character from my animation. Sushi boy was still being developed, so I used another character of mine from a personal project to test out. I figured that if I could animate her figure (which is towards more realistic proportions,) then animating the cartoon characters in ROLL wouldn’t be too difficult.

The second animation was after I had more or less sorted out sushi boy’s design and wanted to test if it was something I could play around with and actually animate. I knew that the curves in his hair and his simplistic figure wouldn’t be too challenging, I just needed to get used to stretching some features to create more exaggerated expressions.

Scene and environment development


Reference photos:

Animation backgrounds:



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