‘ROLL’ Animation Treatment

2D animation, Animation, Final Major Project, U6_U12

It’s lunchtime. A grumpy, tired student buys the last sushi on the restaurant shelf and pays at the counter. He sits down and opens the sushi box to reveal a measly single sushi roll slice. As he takes the sushi to his mouth with his chopsticks, the roll slips from his grasp and everything slows down. We cue the music of William Tell’s Overture as the student expression comedically transitions into one of shock as the roll lands on the floor next to him. As he cautiously reaches out, it suddenly jumps to life and races to the front door. Sushi boy, desperate to regain his lunch and pride, frantically chases it out of the restaurant and into the urban city. Dangerously dodging through wild traffic, uprooting flower shop displays, photo-bombing weddings and running through construction sites, the boy zooms through the town, chasing after the roll until it eventually flies out of an alley and lands by a girl’s feet. Surprised, she drops her folder onto the sushi just as the boy’s hand catches it, squashing it. Embarrassed, the boy scrambles to his feet as a monstrous stomach grumble rips the awkward silence. The girl, holding her lunch of take-out pizza, decides to nonchalantly offer it to the starving boy. He finally accepts his defeat and the boy’s hunger is finally fed.


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