3D Animated Game Trailer Treatment

3D, 3D Animation, U8_U52

As the music queues, a flicker of light is seen before zooming out to reveal two bright light bulbs sitting atop of Lumi’s head. Continuing to zoom out, we pan round to see the back of her silhouette against the game’s first level environment in a medium-long shot. Cut to the next scene where Lumi is running along one of the platforms, her propeller skirt glowing orange like her visor and spinning. From here, we pan round into a long shot, where a glance of a a distant beacon can be seen, indicating the goal checkpoint in the game. We then cut to Lumi centred in a long shot, speckled blue blocks falling past her as she flies upwards. It’s a partial 360 turn-around to display her flying abilities in the game, before cutting to the next scene. She’s now surfing on a bright, glowing path that winds and turns like a mini roller-coaster. In the background, large cubic objects with glowing paths projecting from them indicate that this could be a high speed platformer element in the game. Switching to a third person long shot of Lumi’s perspective, we have confirmation that such elements are present in the game when we see the heads-up display on screen, suggesting that this shot is a quick look at the in-game footage. It’s exciting and fast as Lumi surfs along, collecting white cubes that adds interest to a possible point system. As the music gradually builds up, we have one last glimpse of Lumi running up some illuminated spiral steps around the final tower before cutting to a medium shot of her releasing a bright white cube in her hands into the sky. It shines brightly and the screen quickly fades into white before cutting to the title animation, ‘Lumi Lightbringer’.


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