‘Weather Mascots’ App Design

app design, U62_U63, User Interface Design

I created a weather app design in Illustrator that’s marketed towards children. The app is designed to be very simple and user friendly, using characters to portray the different kinds of weather. The app not only gives live updates on the weather forecast both locally and globally, but also has various educational widgets and events to help children learn more about the science behind nature’s weather!


The final designs of my app, featuring the main three pages.


This is the main page of the app. It shows today’s weather and also features the character to represent that weather. If you click on them, you’ll be given a daily fact about the weather. It changes everyday.


This page is a weekly view of the weather, although you can keep scrolling down to see later dates. It gives more detailed information on the wind and precipitation levels, which can come in handy!


This is the global page, where the user can use the interactive globe to find major cities around the world and what weather it is over there!


I created a lot of development work for my app including a navigation map, icon and interface design as well as mock ups and experiments.


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