Interactive Media App Authoring

app design, Research, U62_U63, User Interface Design

Authoring in the context of digital and interactive media is a term used to describe the creation process of designing, creating and composing a usable interface for devices. Whether it be web pages, mobile apps, games or presentations – any form of media format that is capable of interactive elements such as sound, buttons, videos, animation and the like.

Authoring mobile apps is similar to that of web app development, rooting itself in more traditional software development. Whilst web app design is built around web pages, mobile app design is often written to cater for the mobile phone format and takes advantage of it’s features (such as the touchscreen function on smart phones). For example, a racing game app might be written to take advantage of an iPhone’s accelerometer (the tilt and orientation of the screen).

Applications can integrate a wide variety of interactive components to enhance it’s user experience. The user interface is commonly abundant with scripting for events, buttons, effects, hotspots (rollovers), timelines and slideshows etc. Of course when designing and developing apps, there are limitations in terms of memory, download time, file formatting and plug-in enhancements. As complex as you can make an app, it’s crucial to build it around the target media’s limitations in order for it to function at it’s best without exceeding the capabilities of the device.

There are many app development software that allow designers and programmers to create their apps with. In this case, I am using a variety of different programs to build my mobile app on. I have created the assets in Photoshop and Illustrator and am planning on assembling the interactive parts in Game Salad. Other app developers are part of a company and work on various app development projects for clients. Groups like Nodes have worked for many big companies such as Samsung, O2 and BMW.


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