Canon Competition – Ideas and Animation Treatment

Animation, Computer, Digital Art, Research, U3_U53

A short, 20-30 second video showing a montage of footage and animation from around my college. The montage should not show what the college is on it’s own, but rather present what the college can be when its students’ creativity and imagination come to play. It should be short and sweet, but also fun and inspiring. We start with a fade in into the establishing shot of a new and modern building. We see an animated cartoon character make their way through the revolving doors at the entrance. As they fill the cool, empty interior with colour and movement, the animated character walk through the barriers to the beat and rhythm of the music. Followed by a montage of different locations within the campus, we are carried along with the character’s animated parade through the college – interacting with the various displays as we pass by each corridor and room. As we enter the common area, we see a student sitting down by one of the tables, supposedly working. The character walks up behind the student before diving into the student’s open sketchbook page; revealing that they are in fact, a character drawn in the sketchbook. At the last beat, we get a glimpse of a wink from the character before cutting to the credits. The short will mainly be composed of a combination of real life camera footage and animation, with the animation on top of the filmed footage. Most shots will have a slow pan to indicate a progression in time and constant movement – nothing should be still. The overall appearance should be clean and modern, but colourful and bright. The animation will mostly be digitally done, with hand-drawn 2D character animation. Like a short music video, the visuals should dance to the music. Something catchy and fun, but unique and modern to play in line with the swing and mood of the video would be perfect. This video should be a great glimpse of what and how the college has inspired me to create and should convey a great sense of imagination and life in its ambiance and cinematography, leaving the viewers wanting to see more of where the animated journey can take them.


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