More Cinema4D Experiments: Modelling, Texturing and Lighting!

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In Cinema4D, I learnt various modelling functions and techniques that helped me create more realistic and professional looking 3D designs.

One of the tasks I was given was to replicate the basic shape of a car using a wide range of methods. I learnt how to import the photograph below into the programme as a background image to help me trace and get more accuracy with drawing splines.


A simple side view of a Mini car.

I also used the Symmetry functions in the programme to help duplicate the car wheels accurately. I divided the car’s build into separate shapes on different layers to give a clearer sense of depth. I used the Loft tool and edited the Filler Caps on the shapes to smooth out the edges.

mini car render

My attempt to recreate the basic shapes of a Mini car.

The other techniques that I learnt more about were lighting and texturing models. The lighting task introduced me to the basics of lighting and the various effects I can achieve with different amounts of light sources and different Luminescence intensities.

Control Lighting test 1

An example of one of my lighting experiments, using a basic cube to clearly define the lights and shadows from different angles.

Finally, we learnt more about texturing and the in-depth adjustments that you can make to a default material to make it suite whatever texture you’re trying to achieve more precisely. The are a large number of options to edit and fine-tune a material; from adjusting the patterns and reflection intensity, to adding bump-maps and colours!

Control Lighting environment 2

Here, I tried creating an environment using simple shapes, but applying a range of textures and lighting choices to make it become more interesting.


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