Fantasy Staff Promotional Flyer: Design 1

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For my final promotional flyer design, I had to create three examples of it using Photoshop.

I used the .png files that I had saved from my previous post in Cinema4D and opened them in a new A4 Photoshop document.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 1

I used the Free Transform function to rescale the photo to fit the canvas. I also had to crop some edges off to frame it better.

I then did some basic adjustments on the on the photo before composing the .png file of my fantasy staff that I had saved in Cinema4D.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 2

Here I adjusted the Brightness and Contrast to make the photo a little clearer and more distinguishable.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 3

I then copied and pasted my fantasy staff into the document and used the Transform tool to scale, rotate and position it so that it looked like it was leaning against the side of the door.

Creating the shadow for the staff was a little tricky because using the Drop Shadow function would only make it look like it’s floating from the photo which was not what I wanted. So I ended up duplicating the staff layer and colouring it all black with the opacity locked. I then set the layer mode to Multiply and went to Filter –> Blur –> Gaussian Blur to soften the shadow.

I then went into Filter –> Liquify and made the brush large so that I could move areas of the shadow to make it look like it was on the stone wall around it.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 4 shadow

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 4 shadow 2

I used the Liquify tool to move the shadow so that it wasn’t sitting unnaturally against the background.

I then added the glow on the gemstones and the light particles surrounding it by creating a new layer and setting it to Lighter Colour. I then set the Brush tool to an airbrush setting and went in with a light aqua blue. I varied the opacity and size of the brush as a went along to give a feeling of depth.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 5

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 11 light particles

I then created a vignette border to bring more focus to the source of light coming from the product. I created a new layer and set it to Multiply and used a very large airbrush to go around the edges of the canvas. I lowered the opacity a little so that it wouldn’t be too obvious.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 6

After that, I played around with the overall Levels adjustment of the document to help bring more contrast and definition to the piece.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 7 Levels

Once I was happy with the composition, I added the text in. I wanted something that was modest, but modern to contrast the setting a little. I chose the colour white because it really stood out from the dark background, making it more easy to read.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 8 TEXT 2

I decided to have some fun with the product description and added some fantasy terminology from various MMORPG games that I had played in the past.

I gave the title of the product a glow to make it stand out even more. I also placed it at the top of the canvas to make sure that it was seen and read first in regards to the information hierarchy. The punchy tagline came next to help link the text to the related image.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 8TEXT

At the very bottom, I typed in a little small print and threw in a fake company logo to give the flyer cover a more realistic and professional presentation.

I had to start a new document to create the logo separately. I did some quick brainstorming on a piece of paper and stuck with a design to then re-create in Photoshop.

Here, I used various tools such as the Ellipse tool and the Path tool to create the wings. For the diamond, I just edited a regular square by using the Transform function. I made it black and white so that it would match the white text in the flyer and also not overpower the main features of the flyer.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 9 LOGO

I used the Path tool to create the shape of the wings and then right-clicked on the path to fill it in with white and stroke it with a black outline.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 9 LOGO 2

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 9 LOGO 3

I went for a simple, symmetric design. Not only was this design modest to the flyer design itself, but it also clearly presented its own symbols and shapes to give the idea of a modern, sleek and stylish brand.

After I finished creating the logo, I thought of a fantasy-esque company name and a fantasy typeface that wasn’t too obscure and added it to my promotional flyer.

I created the trademark symbol by going to the drop-down by the Rectangle tool and selecting the Custom Shape tool. From there, I could choose the trademark shape from the edit menu along the top of the window.

Promotional Flyer Design 1 screenshot 10

Here’s the final:

fantasy staff promotional flyer 1


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