Example of a Promotional Flyer – Lawn Mower

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I took one of my previous modified advertisements for the lawn mower and edited it so that it became a proper promotional flyer cover.

I first opened the previous image into Photoshop and began adding text with the Type tool. I chose the font Stencil because it really gave a rough and bold appearance that fitted with the rest of the design and theme.

advert text screenshot 1

After typing in the tag line, I added a dark but faded outline on it so that it would stand out from the busy background and become more readable.

advert text screenshot 2

I then added the rest of the promotional text in and edited them the same way to keep consistency. I based the text off of this product’s description as they’re both lawn mowers.

advert text screenshot 3

I then thought that the lawn mower was a little too dark and almost camouflaged within the background – so I created a new layer, set it to Linear Light and picked a light lime with the Brush tool and highlighted the product. I turned down the layer’s opacity to make it not too obvious.

advert text screenshot 4

I then created a dark border around the edge to reinforce the product and make the background less busy looking.

advert text screenshot 5

Again, I lowered the layer’s opacity to make it more subtle. I then saved the image as a .PNG once I was done.

lawn-mower-contrast advert


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