Promotional Flyers – Complimenting and Contrasting Backgrounds

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Today I was given the task of finding two backgrounds that would go with various day-to-day products that will have two very different effects on them. One background will compliment the product and be set in a very obvious and fitting environment – whereas the other background will be contrasting and unexpected, making the product have a different kind of impact to the viewer.

The first object was a lawn mower.

An obvious depiction of a lawn mower in a neat and well kept lawn.

lawn mower contrast I got an image of a lawn mower with a transparent background so that it would make it easier for me to edit it into the background.

The first background of a garden is quite suitable for a lawn mower. It shows what the product is capable of by showing a neat and well-kept lawn – a fairly standard depiction of a lawn mower in an advertisement.

The second version shows a lawn mower in a jungle environment, the complete opposite of the neat lawn in the previous advert. This suggests the potential of a really powerful lawn mower. Almost as if it the lawn mower is ready to sort out the jungle surrounding it. It gives a more interesting an adventurous approach than the first background and the mood is sends to the viewer is that of a more confident and impressive one.

The second item was a hairdryer.

hair dryer compliment comp hair dryer contrast comp

The first background is used as a very common depiction of a hairdryer advert. Models are in almost every advert out there that is somewhat hair-related to show how good the product is and to compliment both the product’s design and performance.

The second background gives the entire advert a more contemporary interpretation to it. Using a completely organic and natural form to contrast with the modern and man-made item is a stark contrast to the previous advert. I took the “dryer” part of the word “hairdryer” and ended up searching for dry environments and ended up with the Grand Canyon. I chose this photo in particular because of the way the walls of the structure are so smooth, much like that of the hair in the typical hair-styling adverts. Except these smooth lines were natural, suggesting that this hairdryer could be a necessary part in creating totally smooth and natural looking hair.

The third was a vacuum cleaner.

hoover obvious comp hoover contrast comp

The first vacuum cleaner advert is set next to a background of an office with a really clean floor, so much so that it’s reflective. This gives the impression of a professional, industrial vacuum cleaner that is capable of leaving floors immaculately clean.

The second advert is again, a more contemporary one compared to the first. It’s strangely irrelevant dancer on the right is contrasting compared to the product on the left, but the simplistic and exposing design draws the viewer’s attention as to how these two are related. The tag line that I had in mind for this was, “High Performance” – a high performing dancer, and a high performing vacuum cleaner. The product can also be seen as flexible and easy to move like the dancer.

The fourth was an iron.

clothes iron compliment clothes iron contrast comp NO TEXT

The first advert shows the iron against a row of well ironed and neatly hung shirts, a very obvious background that suites the purpose of the product. It depicts and environment that is commonly seen with clothes irons and demonstrates its household use logically.

The second advert throws in a pinch of comedy into the design as the household iron is compared to a road roller, suggesting that it’s a very powerful product. A few tag lines to create a clearer comparison and understanding, and you have a very contrasting yet effective advertisement.

The fifth was a pair of ice skates.

ice skates obvious ice skate contrast

The first advert shows an ice skate in an ice rink. Typical, yet very colourful and vibrant. The original image was horizontal, but I decided to crop it so that the layout was portrait. This way, there’d be room for text at the top and maybe even below the product.

The second layout was flipped horizontally to create  ‘Z’ layout. I had an idea that the text would be placed on the top left of the design. You wouldn’t normally find a pair of skates in the sky, but it does suggest that the skates are capable of ‘flying’ and are streamline.

The sixth was a wood plane.

wood plane obvious 2 wood plane contrast

These two images both feature something wooden and crafted. The first being a bedroom with regular household furniture, and the second one being a boat washed ashore. A slightly more extreme example, but effected nonetheless.

And the seventh and last item was a rose flower.

rose obviousrose contrast

The moods and tones of the two images are set in day and night, making them both contrast each other and draw out different impressions from the viewer. The first rose has warm colours in its environment making it welcoming. The couple in the background implies the idea of a wedding or engagement. The second rose has a dark and cold night-time background, making the flower seem mysterious, alluring and perhaps even haunting. The mood is completely different from the first one.


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