Poorly Designed Promotional Flyer

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White Toque Promotional Flyer_full

This promotional flyer is for the company “White Toque” that imports food from Europe to the USA. This flyer is poorly designed due to its overwhelming amount of text, it’s tiny, tiny images and its poor composition. The overall look of the flyer is incredibly busy. The colour scheme and type font aren’t as bad – but the sheer amount of text will simply put off passers-by, as there simply isn’t enough time for people to invest into reading all of it!

The hierarchy of information is also confusing, as the text has been split in two in the centre and is unclear as to which one should be read first. The different fonts are nice and provide diversity, but unfortunately do not help with the order of reading and it’s difficult to justify which section of text should be more important. The things that are mentioned in the large paragraphs of text should really be put on something like the website instead, where people will be more inclined to read. Having so much text on a flyer is useless nothing if nobody wants to read it. The focus should really be put on the images and photos rather than the text because the images help attract attention immediately and will interest the viewer rather than put them off.

Alas, the photos themselves have been brutally scaled-own, leaving them indistinguishable and very difficult to make out. The photos have been edited poorly, as some of them seem to still have a white outline around them – a “halo” as it were – from presumably being poorly cropped from their original images. This makes the photos look cheap and badly handled, lowering the overall quality of the flyer. They have also been arranged far too close to the edges of their surroundings, making them look cramped and squashed together carelessly. This really doesn’t help with the spacing of the entire flyer, as the heavy text on the right is also very crowded.

When people see a promotional flyer, most of them hardly spend any time looking at them or reading them as they pass by. Some of them even ignore them, especially when there’s someone handing them out. People just aren’t interested enough to want to take one, which is why it’s crucial to have the best design on your flyer. Something that is eye-catching and that will grab the attention of whoever may get a glimpse of it, yet still retains the uniqueness of your brand. If this flyer just got rid of all the text except for the crucial information like the logo, brand name, catch line, contact details and maybe a short bit about the company – and then just used images and colour to communicate the rest – the design would have been so much better.


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