BFI Film Festival Poster Design 2

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The second BFI Film Poster design for my brief was partially influenced by my Metropolis research essay. I wanted to integrate the kind of colouring and toning used in the Metropolis poster into my design.

I started by setting up an A3 canvas in Photoshop again. Then, I copied, pasted and resized my thumbnail draft that I scanned in and lowered the opacity. This would help me with the composition and planning.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.12.15

I then dragged in a centre guideline from the ruler on the left and used the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the rectangular area in the middle. I inverted the selection and created gradient from black to transparent in a new layer. I then created a cityscape background, similar to that of the Metropolis poster. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool again and holding down Shift, I created a series of rectangles across the canvas that mimicked that of a real cityscape. Then, on a new layer, I filled it in black.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.29.14

After that, I added an inner glow and outer glow to the layer to suggest the city lights.

Then, I created a new layer beneath the cityscape and merged them together so that I could then crop the silhouette without effecting the glow effects too much. Once I cropped the layer, I created another layer and added gradients with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and Gradient Tool.

inner glow outer glow

bk screenshot

I opened up my vector of my UFO that I made a while ago and copied it into my poster design. I used the Transformation function to rotate and move it to where I wanted it to be. I added an outer glow to help it stand out against the gradient background. Then I used the Lasso Tool to select an area for the UFO beam and created a new layer for it. I then used a soft brush and soft eraser to draw the light in white.

Then I created another new layer for the ground. I wanted it to be white so that it would have a strong outline against the dark gradient underneath it. I used the gradient tool and the brush tool to paint the ground in white. I also gave the UFO some highlights by using the large, soft brush and locking the layer’s opacity.

UFO beam

I got a running man vector and opened it in Photoshop. Making sure it was black by refilling it with the opacity locked, I copied and pasted it into the poster design document and transformed and resized it. I gave it a gentle highlight by using the airbrush and lightly adding white; again, with the opacity locked.

I then moved on to adding the text. The font that I used is called ‘Broadway‘ and I adjusted the font to make it wider and bolder with the Character settings.

I added and organised the appropriate logos and saved the document as a Photoshop file, and a copy of it as a PNG file.


After typing in the text, I right clicked the type layer and rasterized it so that I could edit it further. I gave it a very faint outer glow to make it contrast with the background a bit more.

I then reopened the PNG file into Photoshop and began to adjust the colours and texture etc. so that it resembled that of a lithograph.

I gave it a yellow-ish colour by going to the layer’s Layer Style and adjusting the settings. I then gave it some texture by going into the Filter menu at the top and going to Texture. I chose to add Grain and Texturize to give it a more traditional look.


I also added some other textures with the brush tool too and made final adjustments to the lighting, colour and text.

Here’s the final result:

Poster 3 FINA;


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